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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

College Theatre

First off, all technical issues have been resolved. I apologize for any inconvenience to my followers. Now for a post...
Those of you who have never been to a play put on by a college campus... I suggest keeping it that way.
Allow me to explain...
If you are an avid theatre goer in the dallas area, you probably enjoy all the venues that get their actors from the unions or hold professional auditions.
What do you get? An excellent performance by qualified actors hoping to make a career out of it.
Ok now lets change the scenario.
You go to a college play, and you have a bunch of students who think they are fantastic because they know the theory behind developing a character and the history of acting etc etc, but no talent is really required. The pool of actors the casters have to choose from is much more limited, resources are more limited, and the play winds up sucking.
Such was the case with the UNT production of The Little Foxes. Isaw this a couple of weeks ago and actually had to leave during the intermission. IT SUCKED.
I will be sticking to professional venues from here on out, personally.


  1. I've seen a bunch of plays at University of Toronto. Fairly decent considering their lack of props.

  2. Local community stuff all the way mate!