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Friday, October 29, 2010

Shenanigans in Ft Worth

I have never been upset at someone for entering a play late. Everytime it happens, I don't even really notice. In fact, even when I am on stage it doesn't really bother me. I usually am engrossed in my part enough to not be paying attention to the doors. So why they lock the doors, I don't know. Seems to me like that should just be another $50 going towards the house.
Anyways, didn't make it to the play on time Thursday. Going to go this Sunday and I'll post the review then. But in the mean time...
Last week I had the honor of seeing the play "Our Town". It blew my mind, to say the very least. I don't want to give away the plot, but the message more or less changed my perspective on life. GO SEE THIS PLAY if you have the opportunity. It seems like it might be difficult to pull off as wonderfully as this venue did. Oh, by the way, I saw this performed by the Addison's Water Tower Theater
They aren't showing "Our Town" any more, but I strongly suggest this theatre. The cast did a fantastic job, and I'd go on to compliment the crew if there was much of one involved. This play had almost no props, save one scene. The lighting and sound effects were minimum and the cast wasn't even really in costume. Sounds pretty crappy, right? It worked. Boy did it work. This wasn't just a gimmick to try and make their show "different"... it completely went along with the message being portrayed.
I have a friend who is in theatre over at midwestern and their director saw the same show I did. He claimed it to be the best show he has seen in the Dallas area in the last ten years.
I wish I had started this blog in time to convince you guys to go see this show, but alas, it has finished. All I can leave you with is my highest recommendations to go see any show you can at water tower theatre in addison.

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